Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i am home!

hi all~! back in KL now. i got a full force menu on my to-eat list. :P ready to get fat again so i can endure the hard and torrid conditions in uni. :s

anyways. this times gonna be a bit of a bore though. cousins and sis having STPM ( i wish them all the best as well as u guys sitting for both SPM/STPM, my prayers be with u all. ) and some of my frens are still in their respective campuses.. i am only back for 3 weeks this time though.. till december 10, then hafta head back to uni for end of the year concert preparation as usual..

first up on my to-do list is ta get a hair cut. i have been waiting tremendously long to come back to KL so i can get a proper cut. Penang ppl all dun know how to cut hair one. lol. one side long one side short lar. or mess the whole thing up. :s

This weekend imma gonna be on a getaway/retreat sort of thing to Frasiers Hill with Adrian.. where i will be meeting up Ps. Phil Stevenson, who was camp speaker 6 years back and was my "guardian angel"! haha. its been a tremendously quick 6 years.. still remember how he blessed us with his prophecy sessions in the same place Frasiers Hill! oh youth camp memories.. ;) wondering when youth camp will be held this year? i don't think i can make it again :( have ta head back to penang so early.. :S

Hopefully i can get a job when i head back this time to Penang after hols. I gotta sort of wishlist to fulfill
1. Get a bowling ball.
2. Change phone (iphone is my dreamphone but highly impossible :P) with a good cam/recorder to be able to produce better quality covers. ;S go to my youtube page @ http://www.youtube.com/user/musicizIife and u will understand what is bad quality. :(

of course i can only choose one and the top one is priority cause i got a few tournaments that i wanna join plus u can't really train with a house ball. u need a personal ball to accustom to, cos bowling really requires consistency.

ah.. being back and being able to sleep on my own bed, meet up some friends even though most are busy at this time is still fulfilling after a seriously stressed exam and a stressed semester. hoping the next one will be less busy and more fun and hopefully a job too..as they said enjoy uni life ma :)

Hopefully next semester i can too start serving in at my Penang church, EPCC :) Have been craving so long to serve the Lord. :)

ok then. thats bout it for the latest update!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

long since...

I updated! isn't it? almost half a year has past. and the last post was during my exams! lol. this time with no exception too. :X in the midst of it. at least during the 5 days of last week i had conquered 6 papers. with 2 remaining papers. :) seriously not in the mood now. but i have to force myself to study cos the next paper is on monday.. T_T

Well i just wanna share a testimony on God's grace for this exam..

As i said earlier on i had 6 papers in 5 days. all back to back. and for 3 days, meaning most of the things i had studied are usually gone cos i focused on the ones before. And i had no time for the papers approaching the weekend. So for some papers it was really really last minute.

I really prayed to God for this hoping that He would guide my paths to study and omit what was not important.

I was prompted over and over again to omit certain parts during my study and focus on some. Guess what? The ones i focused on came out and the ones i didn't were really gone from the exam! Call this luck but it happened for 3 papers so i believe its really the grace of God!!

I prayed for strength and i managed to survive this whole week by God's grace knowing that He has taken care of me and given me strength. This semester flew by really quick and the exams are coming to an end. Hopefully i can manage to focus and continue to finish off! :)

Of course, there are many lessons i learnt from this. That was not to gamble and test God. I coulda started earlier cos i didn't expect the subjects to be really that tough. But His grace was truly spared for me this time and i really thank Him :) He will nvr let u down and throw u aside. :)

Gotta get back to study now! :) Heading back to KL on 22nd november! Can't wait can't wait! :D


Saturday, May 1, 2010

exams are over!~

after a gruelling 8 papers in 11 days, i am free~! haha.. so many 4am-5am of many nights. after the sweat and energy, i hope i will be blessed =) will be back on 3rd may for 2 months! x) till then guys! =) just a side question. anyone going for church camp? :D


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tight exam schedule..

This semester i have a very tight exam schedule and i don't really know how i can study everything.. I will just have to bank it on the grace of God and also His strength and wisdom.. Do keep me in your prayers.. thanks..

19/4 - TITAS (Islamic and Asian Civilisations) - 2 units
21/4 - Dosage Form I (lab practical) - 4 units
23/4 - Peripheral Nervous System and Therapy - 4 units
24/4 - Organic Chemistry I - 3 units
26/4 - Communication In Pharmacy Practice - 2 units
28/4 - Ethnic Relations - 2 units
29/4 - Basic Pharmacology and Immunology - 2 units
30/4 - Dosage Form I (theory part ) - 4 units

Alas.. not really much time in the middle to study everything.. However, 2 down 6 to go, and so far it has been good. Praise God =)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

The longing..

pushing towards the final run of the exams..however. the feeling seems void.. no motivation, no push.. i often find myself staring at my notes but nothing actually goes in.. baby had just left for home..and i am now sitting at the corridor where all the lecture halls are. its so empty.. and i am supposed to be studying.. i do really want to..

anyways.. tat was just a thought in my head tat i just wanted to spill out that is not really relevent..

Its been a while since i last played the piano.. and for the past few times i played it, it was massive involvement.. playing everywhere for gigs.. for most who i don't know, i am in the USM Jazz band.. so being the only pianist i have to practically back up for every song. and worst is i dont know how to sight read, and its been a tough ride, getting pressured and all. but i am getting better in terms of my sight reading. kinda getting a hang of it after not using it for like 6-7 years maybe? But my point is, i haven been really playing the stuff i used to like playing on the piano, the stuff that mingled my passion for music in the first place.

There is another concert coming up for small society tat encourages singer-songwriters, musicians to join.. its like a band but there are many people in it. Initially i wanted to join cause i tot it would be fun... but after the tedious experience i had to the point now i feel like playing music is no longer a passion but a burden, i decided to miss this concert, as it is optional and furthermore it takes up most of my holidays.

I find first and foremost that i really need a long break from playing music or being forced to play music. I truly long to play the things that i love to play on the piano. Guess i was born in nature to be a freestylist and playing last time with the youth back in church allowed me to be who i am. To be free to express the music i wanna express in my heart. But however, that feeling now feels void and i need to fill it back before i can again progress next sem to continue playing for the jazz band (its compulsory cause its a ko-kurikulum activity) again.

The true burden that i am facing now is that when i turned down the decision to join the concert this year for the optional band, they have tried numerous times to try to force me back in into the concert. I feel countless of times when i see them that my rejection to join the concert is like a betrayal to them. Come on lar, i have my choice to say no, since its optional. I really don wanna lose the friends i have by not joining this concert. But i just really need a long break during this holidays. And what meaning does it bring to me that i play music cause i am forced to and its burdening me, and when i do that, i cannot bring out the best in me. I really need the break to revive that passion and longing to play again. So please... release me..

I really long to play the music that can make me enjoy it as well as the people around me, that can best describe what i am feeling. And the most important, that my music reflects the love i have for my Maker, the one who embedded the passion in me and made me who i am today. Oh the longing..


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The biggest angpow ever. ;)

hey peeps.. its been so long since i updated this blog. First post somemore in 2010... haha.. probably due to 3 factors..
1. no mood to blog
2. no time to blog
3. nothing to blog :P

time to scrape of the rust a bit here.. i do visit this page sometimes. but somehow each lasts for not more than 30 secs. my own blog somemore.. lol.

Just finished my hols.. and its been an awesome time of a lot of relaxation and a refreshing time where sleep is never insufficient back home :) agreed? A major thing did happen this time around i got home... tat is... *drums* i got a car to drive around in campus now! =D I consider this the biggest angpow tat my Heavenly Father and my parents blessed me with =D

Seriously needed the car cause i will be involved in church.. in addition to that i am in jazz band.. and this time around my classes are pretty packed and there are quite a number of university courses that require me to travel far from my faculty at 8am in the morning =.=" so yea.. this car came in timely after prayers and talks with my parents.. =)

Perhaps u readers are thinking that i got a new car. But i didn't. haha. Its one of the cars i used to drive back in KL.. hehe. my church frens in KL should know it too.. its the old Proton Saga that i drove around during my "P license" days.. (glad its over :P) But knowing that the car is old, my father went and did a major makeover on the car.. cost quite a lot.. cause the battery was changed, some tweaks to the air con, radiator.. etc etc... but now the car is as good as new.. i can feel the power when driving it and its very smooth (the engine is a very good one, the very same engine since the production of the car and was never changed).. the only prob now may be the suspension cause the car is already old and the suspension is hard. but other than that its perfect! =D thanks dad. =) and this car made it all the way from KL to Penang at 100-110km/h :O great speed for a car tats 21 years old.. ;)

Now with the car i can loosen up my schedule a bit.. because back then, even with a 2 hour gap, there is no room for me to rest because by the time i get back and then bathe i will need to come out again, have my meals straightaway and then rush for the next activity.. for instance jazz band.. still haven taken the time i needed to wait for the bus.. so all in all its just ngam ngam without getting any rest.. =( so yeah. now i feel so much better and i can actually have some time to sit down and take a breather b4 going out again =D

Anyways.. i got a couple of quizzes coming up.. so please do keep me in prayer and I really hope i can cope.. :) got lots of assignments to finish and some gigs to do in the band in march. so its gonna be pretty hectic.. thus i would say i mayyyyy update sometime soon, or maybe i will have to leave it to rust again for a bit.. *apply antirust*

This post is actually more to tell u guys tat i am still alive and kicking! haha.. especially for those who haven heard from me for a long time. i have not changed a single bit. :P maybe slimmer lar. :p

God bless ya all and take care and to my family and friends, u are always in my prayers, especially those far away back home or overseas or outstation..hope u guys are overflowing with blessings from God in your lives too =)

Thats all from me for now, got a lab coming up later.. gotta go prepare. sort of like cooking lab. :P or rather dosage form lab where we actually get a hands on session in making drugs manually. interesting eh? heh.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

busy busy

have been back in Penang for some time already.. going back for Christmas though =)

practically have been super busy cause of the music camp preparation for the jazz concert we gonna have on the 30th of December 2009 =)

our schedule is practically like this every single day

10am -1pm = solo/individual prac
2pm - 5pm = group/sectional prac
8pm - 12am = whole band prac together guided by the conductor

the gaps in between are supposed to be breaks but ended up preparing the door gifts (we have to prepare 630) so yeah. Its typically a full day.

had to handle so much nagging and scolding from the professor just because of minor mistakes made like on the first day we tried the song. Its like he expects us to know every single song in 2 mins by jus reading the scores given to us. well some can do it but i am definitely not a reader. i spent like 15 mins listening to the song via mp3 and acclimatizing to it and i got flamed for not coordinating with the practice group who sat there patiently waiting for me to start with the song. In the first place i cannot read score like a genius, secondly i can play a song after only listening to it and it will take less then 20 mins for sure. totally so wrongly blamed. it was not like i din care bout the prac group, but in order to have a smooth practice i have to know how to play the song first right.? of course i jus shut up and din say anything at all.

anyways. will be back on the 24th of dec on the 1030 am bus. =) so looking forward to tat. hehe =)